Project Description

BrightRoll needed to consolidate various departments that had crept into different suites and floors over time, and prepare for growth in their workforce. It was time for a move. We transformed their new space’s dark, dull interior into a bright, clean, efficient environment that thoughtfully optimizes every square foot. A series of small videoconferencing

rooms allow teams to collaborate remotely online, while a larger kitchen area includes an all-office meeting space and plenty of options for socializing. Our design kept things flexible to accommodate those future hires, included just a few private offices, and provided support areas. The future is bright in this sharp, smart, tech-savvy office space.

Project Details

  • Client: BrightRoll
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Program: conference room, privates offices, phone rooms, open workspace, kitchen, open and closed collaboration spaces
  • Size: 24,000 SF
  • Credits: Photography: Jasper Sanidad